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Career-focused curriculum for all ages and stages for use by teachers or counselors in academic or extracurricular contexts.

Professional Development

Workshops and training for teachers, counselors and social service providers to lead career exploration and post-secondary planning activities.


Coaching for your school or organizational team to create a concrete career education plan for your unique context.



Fully Customized

We work with you to create career-focused materials that meet your needs. We have done this for adult literacy and ESOL, high school, middle school and supportive housing organizations. 


Adult educators in Texas  learn how to create career-contextualized lessons for beginning level immigrants with professional backgrounds



Fully customized professional development on a variety of career exploration techniques and resources. Here are a few: 

Career-Contextualized Instruction

  • Fundamentals of Career-Contextualized Instruction

  • Project-Based Learning Career Exploration

  • Integrating Academic and Career Knowledge

Digital Tools for Career Exploration

  • Using labor market information in the classroom​

  • Using labor market information for curriculum and program design

  • Career exploration software



Professional development sessions may not be enough. We coach teams to bring career instruction to life in your particular context through:

  • Classroom observation and feedback

  • Curriculum review and writing

  • Industry-Education partnerships

  • Labor Market information

  • Work-based learning program establishment

  • Post-secondary planning and college transitions

  • Boosting instructional and facilitation strategies

  • Strategies for working with new populations


Career Activities

Post-secondary Planning Activities
Internship/Work-Based Learning
Money Matters

See our catalog for plug-and-play lessons.

Available as individual activities or series of activities. Professional development for these activities is also available. 

Click to view our past projects!

We have  provided career curriculum, professional development and coaching for government agencies and non-profit organizations in 5 states and all New York counties.

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