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JobsFirst NYC

ExpandED Learning

New York State Career and Technical Education Technical Assistance Center

Hats & Ladders

Georgia State Department of Adult Education

Massachusetts Adult Education Professional Development System

Ellen Baxt is a courageous educator, a generous colleague and takes any team she is a part of to another level. She is an innovator in framing academic advisement and career planning as academic content. She has a transformative and lasting impact. 

Mark Trushkowsky

City University of New York

Adult Literacy 

Ellen's passion for helping adult learners navigate careers and access a higher quality of life lies at the heart of all her work. She brings extensive experience in education to develop relevant, accessible and highly effective material for adult learners at all levels.

Dani Scherer

World Education Inc. 

Professional Development

Her ability to move a comprehensive curriculum from concept to reality to training and implementation, increasing buy-in and commitment from educators and administrators is impressive. Her passion for education and educators is undeniable

Liz Latty

New School

English Department Faculty

She has a high level of content expertise and is extremely knowledgeable about youth development. She was very thoughtful in her work, always making sure to consider youth social emotional growth and to create culturally responsive materials.

Daniel Levitt

ExpandED Learning

Middle School Projects

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